International Health and Safety Trainings

(Affiliated by UK)


All NEBOSH courses are delivered in association with international HSE Council
  • Nebosh International Diploma
  • International General Certificate (IGC)
  • Health Safety at Home


  • Working Safely
  • Managing Safely
  • Leading Safely
  • M.S. Refresher


  • International Diploma in OHSE

HABC (High Field) - (UK)

Health and Safety in Work place
Level-2 - 1 Day (10hr)
Level-3 - 4 Days (30hr)
Level-4 - 1 Week (40hr)
Safe Moving and Handling
Level-2 - 2 Days (6hr)
Risk Assessment
Level-2 - 1 Day (6hr)
Level-3 - 2 Days (20hr)
Fire Safety
Level-1 - Awareness Class
Level-2 - 1 Day (9hr)
First Aid
Level-2 - Basic Life Support & Safe use of an Automated External Defibrillator
Level-2 - Award in Emergency first aid at work
Level-3 - Award in Emergency Pediatric first aid
Level-3 - First aid at work
Level-3 - Pediatric first aid
Level-3 - For Food Manufacturing
Level-4 - Management for Food Manufacturing
Food and Safety
Level-2 - (For Manufacturing)/(For Retail)/(in Catering)
Level-3 - (Food Safety Supervision for Manufacturing)/(For Retail)/(in Catering)
Level-4 - Food Safety Management for Manufacturing